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Voted one of the best marketing firms in LA, we get it. Results-driven PR doesn’t come from playing it safe. That’s the most reckless thing you can do. Traditional marketing methods are stale and lifeless. We go another route. Our counsel is always based on the smartest path to results today.  Here. Right. NOW.

$80 billion dollars a year are wasted on obsolete advertising.

Monologues over obsolete media with no consumer engagement. Just ask yourself and your friends: Who sits in front of a TV and still watches commercials? So then where is the engagement?

In this hyper-evolving world, new platforms emerge almost daily. Today, mobile devices are grabbing over 50% of our attention, and also – dare we say it – actually engaging with consumers. So the question isn’t when or why, but how can you reach them?

At messageNOW we excel at locating and engaging with them on all relevant channels. But that’s not enough. The magic starts when you grab their attention. You’ve gotta be at the right place…at the right time…with the right message. And as we all know, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

We don’t stop at first impressions, though. Leveraging some eyeball-grabbing, heart-stealing magic, we make them fall and stay madly in love with you.

All our magic – our counsel, strategies, and tactics – are born of great data derived from extensive research and expertise, assembled into fabulous solutions.

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